Russell’s Story

Sometimes, although we can tell that an animal is in a bad way, exactly what happened can be difficult to determine. In Russell’s case, we know exactly what happened – he was shot, twice. Once in the face, and a second time in the shoulder, probably as he was fleeing for his life. The bullets are similar to a .22 caliber, possibly from a handgun or a target gun used by hunters.

Russell received emergency care from BARCS, and his case has been sent to the Baltimore City Police Animal Abuse Unit. AARF is taking over care for his surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation.

We need your help! The bullet in Russell’s face is scheduled to be removed, and pending assessment, he will likely need oral surgery for damage inside of his mouth. The second bullet is buried too far for safe surgical removal, but our veterinary partners are relatively confident that with kitty PT and initial pain management, Russell will keep his leg and regain reasonable use of it.

Despite the agonizing amount of pain Russell feels, he manages to be incredibly sweet and gentle. During his evaluation by our vet, he didn’t bite, scratch, or growl at anyone.


Please help us help this sweet boy. We can just see him approaching the monster that shot him for a headbutt and some pets.

Update – May 31, 2017

Russell has had the surgery to remove the bullet from his face, which broke into two, and is recovering nicely with his cohort of lovely lady cats for company! The bullet in his shoulder remains too deep to remove without risking serious additional damage. He’s not letting it stop him, however! With love and TLC, he’s come out of his shell and proven to be quite adept and rainbow wand games!


We still need help paying for Russell’s surgery! Please indicate you want your funds to benefit Russell, or Mittens’ Miracle Fund to make the most difference!

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