We’re saving lives. You can help.

As a 100% volunteer-run organization, we can’t do this without you.  If you’re passionate about pets, we’ve got work for you (and yes – some of it *even* includes petting cats and dogs!). Volunteers are needed to help with everything from fostering to fundraising, writing to website management, transporting to tricking-out our AARFies with new ‘dos.

Many volunteer activities can be done from home!  Whatever skills you have – we have a place for you.

Michelle, volunteer since 2015

Please note that volunteers must be at least 18 years old to volunteer with our organization. If you are under 18 years old and have a parent or guardian that might have an interest in volunteering with you, they may submit a volunteer application and once approved, you would be able to volunteer together. Parents or guardians are required to be with minor volunteers at all times while volunteering.

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Fostering Animals (You must complete our Foster Application and Foster Agreement)

Fosters are the heart of AARF! All AARFies are placed in home environments as we do not have a facility. Fosters provide love and care, and will take them to medical appointments as necessary until they choose the perfect forever home. Learn more on our Foster page!

Adoption Counselor

Adoption counselors are our first line in the adoption process. By screening applications and interviewing potential adopters, they help fosters make great forever-home decisions for our AARFies.

Animal Transport

Have a car? You can help! We rely on transporters to pick up new AARFies from local shelters (there is no feeling like that first Freedom Ride!) and help our hard-working fosters with rides to the vet or events.

Data Entry

There is **always** online work to be done to help ensure we keep our back-office in order. This is a great volunteer-from-home opportunity that is a critical part of our operation!


If you have a passion for planning and people, we need your help! Events work can range from adoption events at local stores to fundraising, helping us man a booth or assisting at a restaurant night.

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Volunteers are our heart – funds are our blood. AARF takes on often expensive medical cases, and we can only continue doing this work with the support of grants and donations. If you have a passion for writing and rallying donors, we need your help – critically.


Makeover Magic! Many dogs and cats join AARF as strays or neglect cases, and need professional help to look and feel their best. If you are a groomer willing to donate some of your time, you play a direct role in their care, comfort, and adoptability. 

Home Inspections

AARF takes pride in providing safe, comfortable homes for our AARFies. Through a checklist we provide, you can help make sure that homes are in tip-top shape for our dogs and cats!


Good images get adoptions. By donating your time and talent, you can help our AARFies put their best paw forward or capture images that we can use in marketing/PR efforts to drive our mission forward.

Technology Team

If you have even basic tech skills – or are willing to learn – you can help with a variety of web-based activities such as posting AARFies on adoption websites, content or web management, database, or design! In this online world, your skills are critical to keep our pups and purrs visible. 


Writers help us get the word out! From animal biographies that we post on our website, to newsletters, marketing, grant writing and more – there are lots of great ways to help if your passion is the pen (or keyboard). Another great volunteer from home opportunity!


Have an idea of how you could help? Tell us what you’ve got!