Time spent with cats is never wasted.

Sigmund Freud


Thank you to everyone that has applied to foster for AARF during this difficult time.  We are humbled by the number of people that want to help.  As we are busy getting new fosters on board we are unable to accept additional foster applications at this time.

Please check back when this trying time is over should you still want to foster.  Thank you for thinking of AARF.



Our foster parents provide temporary homes for animals who may be sick or injured,    need to work on their socialization skills, or just need a place to crash for a little while. By opening up your home to an animal, you open up a cage at a shelter, therefore saving two animals! Foster homes are the backbone of our organization and we could not succeed without them. You provide a home, food, and love – we pay for the vet bills.


We often hear “I could never give them up!” as the reason why people don’t foster. But what they don’t realize is that giving them up is often the best part of fostering. Nothing compares to the feeling of passing on an animal that was terrified and sick to their forever home and seeing them now happy and content.