Elvis, Harry, Tanner, Tilley, Jerri, and Muffin have been ADOPTED and are LOVIN’ LIFE!

Elvis came to AARF from Louisiana, where he and two other dogs were left outside in a yard after the owner was incarcerated for unknown reasons. This three-month-old puppy had no trouble finding a great home and now lives with Lisa and her family! Lisa shares that his official name is Elvis Aaron Puppy and “he’s spoiled rotten and has taken over our couch and bed even though my husband swore he would never allow it.” Elvis impressed his new family by graduating from puppy school first in his class (well he was the only one in the class- but still!) We are happy Elvis has a loving home and we wish him a great life!

Harry was taken to a local Baltimore shelter because his owner was heading off to college and couldn’t take him along. This sweet kitty joined our rescue and before he knew it, he was renamed Prince Bagel and was being spoiled! Adopter Xiaoting shares, “He’s such a sweet kitty, everyone who meets him loves him! He purrs like a motor and makes biscuits whenever he’s getting pets. He’s super cuddly and follows us around and meows when we go out of sight-what a baby!” She adds, “He also likes to sleep on phones, sketchbooks, etc. in true cat fashion.”

Tanner and his siblings were found hidden inside a wall on a boat that was located at a storage lot in Essex. The kittens and mom were rescued and now are living in more appropriate homes! Maribel, Tanner’s adopter, tells us he is growing fast and loves to cuddle. He is a very active kitty who likes to play with his toys and is very much loved by his new family!

Sweet Tilley joined our rescue from Baltimore County Animal Services (BCAS). She went from pound pup to spoiled pup as soon as Neil and Barbara adopted her! She gets lots of belly rubs, car rides, walks, and even helps mow the lawn with her dad! Her adopters tell us “She has been a dream come true and we are enjoying every minute with her. We can’t be more pleased and can’t imagine how someone gave her up. Thanks for the great work your organization does and thanks for making her available to us.”

Jerri, now called Zelda, was found by a good Samaritan on the side of a busy road. She was emaciated and couldn’t walk well on her back legs. She was nursed back to health and now has a meow-velous life with Kira and Sam! Kira shares “She is a spoiled little princess, as Sam works from home and spends all day playing with her and giving her snuggles! Her favorite activities include jumping into paper bags and ‘sledding’ across our hardwood floors, napping on dad’s chest, and playing with all her toys!”

Muffin, now Lola, was found as a stray in Anne Arundel County and taken to a shelter. Her front right leg was severely injured and unfortunately could not be repaired. The vet amputated her leg, but Lola took it all in stride and was running around in no time after the surgery! Lola was adopted and welcomed by Debbie, Steve, and AARF alumni Rocky, who is also a tripod. Debbie tells us Lola and Rocky like to play chase with each other and she likes to race around the house with her stuffed toys. “She is very puppy-like and enjoys trying to bite your hand under the covers. Lola is a great traveler and has road-tripped many times to Florida. She is a snuggler, constant companion and the sweetest thing that has ever lived!”

Thank you for reading these adoption stories! We hope you will spread the word that rescue animals have lots of love to give and make wonderful family members! Please visit our adoption pages to see our available dogs and cats.We’d also love to have you as a volunteer – and you can always simply donate to help us save more lives!