Happy happy joy joy! It’s time again to share some adoption happiness!

Sherlock and his siblings were found in a vacant house and taken to a local shelter. Soon after joining our rescue, he became a member of a loving family and was renamed Jake. Adoptive mom Teresa tells us “Jake has captured our hearts with his courageous sense of adventure and warm cuddles. He loves being near his older sisters, Ryleigh and Harley, and enjoys taking long walks with us at a nearby park. We were encouraged to do a meet and greet with him shortly after suddenly losing another rescue to an aggressive cancer, and he sure has filled a void in our hearts and our home with tons of laughter and joy. We are loving this guy so much every day.”

Albert was one of 100+ cats that arrived at a local animal shelter from a hoarding case. This lucky kitty is now the king of the house and is super happy with his adoptive family. They call him Pitufo, which is Spanish for Smurf, and apparently, it fits him because he is very goofy! His new mom Andreea tells us “He is extremely sweet and good-natured, especially with the kids. We are really happy with him and he seems happy with us. He was a perfect match, I have to say!”

Blueberry, now Luna, was found abandoned on a doorstep in Baltimore along with her four siblings. She was adopted by Mary and is enjoying “being a typical kitten.” Luna has a lot of energy and is very playful, but will snuggle up with her new mom when she gets tired. Luna was a trooper on a recent trip to New York and was a delightful passenger in the car. “She even got along great with our family dog!” Mary shares.

Gander was found stray and wound up at a local Baltimore animal shelter. This sweet Shih Tzu mix pup joined AARF before finding his new home with Jen and family. He is loving his new life! Jen shares “Gander, now called Dizzy because he spins like a tornado when he’s excited, seems to be doing well! He’s obviously been mistreated in his short life, so he’s still skittish, and we’re working on building his confidence. Our older dog, Lloyd, helps him a lot in that area. They’re good buddies and have several hilarious play sessions every day.” Jen adds that “Dizzy has also bonded quite strongly with me and my 7-year-old daughter, though he is comfortable with all four of us. We love him to pieces!”

Rachel adopted Dahlia after she was given up by her owner. Rachel shares “Dahlia is doing GREAT and is settling into her new home nicely. She is very talkative and loves to jump in the bathtub after someone has showered and play in the excess water. She also loves to look out the window of my apartment.”

Sounds like another happy tail of adoption, and we here at AARF are thrilled! Are YOU looking to expand your family? Please choose adoption and help a cat or dog have a second chance at life! Please visit us at www.animalalliesrescue.org/adopt.