Make It A Happy Holiday For Present And Future AARFies!

In the last year alone, we’ve taken in some truly horrendous cases. Like tiny furball Fernando – who started his poor little life getting tossed out of a speeding car. He was in such bad shape when we pulled him from one of our partners that we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. But some of our kitty miracle workers had no doubts that they could pull him through – and indeed, they did.

Or Spirit, the sweetest, gentlest little Chihuahua, who was found tied to a tree with open wounds covering her body from animal attacks – after being hit by a car and suffering numerous other injuries. Her right eye had to be removed and her hair was missing for months, yet she remained calm, affectionate, and learned to rock the onesie as she healed.

The kitty named Deadpool, whose positivity and patience as he recovered from severe chemical burns to his head and body can only be described as heroic. There were no witnesses, so we don’t know exactly how Deadpool was burned. But we know he didn’t pour chemicals on himself or light a match on his own.

We’ve seen countless cases of animals bound with rubber bands, matted to the point of skin lesions, suffering from shattered limbs, and worse. We take them all in.

Part of what enables us to take in these victims of antagonistic acts against animals is your compassion, caring, and yes, your donations. Nearly 20% of our fosters require special care – which quickly adds to our medical expenses. This past year alone, AARF spent more than $100,000 to take care of cats and dogs – those both healthy and in need. Our adoption fees barely scratch the surface at recuperating these costs.

The generosity of our friends and donors in the past has gotten us through tough times and enabled us to keep saving lives. While it saddens us to know that there will continue to be cases like Fernando, Spirit, and Deadpool, with your support we can make a difference.

Your continued support can provide animals with the care and love they so desperately need to heal and become whole again. Please help our animals in need by making a gift today. With your support we can continue to save so many more lives.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy new year from all of us at AARF!

Love and Whiskers,