Bunny’s Story

Bunny’s Story

One of the trickier aspects of animal rescue is taking in an animal that has been neglected. Often times, it’s not through any nefarious intent, but because folks may not understand that animals need routine evaluation and care by professionals just like people do. When it becomes too much to ignore, animals are dumped either on the street or at BARCS.

That’s how we came across Miss Bunny, an 8 year old mini fluffer who was in a very bad way. Due to neglect or perhaps some trauma, her eye had popped out and our vets determined that it could not be saved and had to be removed. She also had horrible tumors in all of her mammary glands, likely to do that fact that she was never spayed.

These were major surgeries for such a small girl, and she was nothing but grateful for comfort and love the entire time.


Almost faster than we could have hoped, Bunny found her forever connection – with her foster mom! They developed a deep bond throughout Bunny’s rehabilitation, and decided they couldn’t be without each other.

While we love knowing that Bunny will be loved and cared for throughout her golden years, we still owe our veterinary partners payment for her surgeries.

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