Life is good for these cats and dogs who have been ADOPTED! Let’s celebrate Jackson, Nylah, Stanley, Joey, Amelia and Rowena!


Jackson was discovered lying in the street in Baltimore City, restrained with ropes. His skin was a mess and he was very scared. Fast forward to his life after being rescued – he is a very happy, healthy and loved kitty! “Jackson is a total goof and makes me laugh every day. He’s not too graceful a lot of the time but he loves to get up and sit on windowsills so he can see what’s going on outside. When it’s time to relax, he loves to lie on any paper I’ve left sitting out or he’ll try to share my pillow.”  –  Meghan

Nylah, now Annie, was surrendered because her family was moving and couldn’t take her with them. She arrived at a local shelter covered in urine and fleas. Fortunately, it ended up being her lucky day because it wasn’t long until she found a new home with an amazing family who takes great care of her! “She is wonderful with kids and other dogs. She loves a face massage at night and she curls up under the table while I grade papers.” – Sheila

Stanley’s name appeared on the ‘urgent list’ when a local animal shelter became overcrowded due to owner surrenders. As luck would have it, he caught the eye of an AARF volunteer and was pulled to safety just in time. This sweet kitty has now been adopted and loves to greet his owners at the door when they come home from work!  “Stanley is such an easy-going, mellow little sweetheart and we are so, so happy to have him. He’s pretty perfect. I don’t know how he ended up at the shelter, but we are so glad AARF rescued him and we were able to adopt him.”  –  Rachel

Joey came to us from Laurel Cats Rescue when he was five months old. Volunteers took notice that he was very friendly and didn’t enjoy living outside. His kitty dreams came true and he now resides in a loving and safe home! “Joey is settling in well. He has a lot of personality! He fetches, catches and throws toys so he’s very entertaining. Yesterday he brought me a pencil when I was sitting on the couch sketching. He also steals spoons from the sink. A great and sweet cat.”  –  Pamela

Amelia had been living outside her whole life and was being fed by a nice lady in a Baltimore neighborhood. One day Amelia showed up pregnant and extremely ill. AARF took her in and gave her and the kittens lots of TLC. Amelia is now healthy and has been adopted! Her new name is Kira. “She is very playful and curious, and she loves her cat toys. She loves hiding in boxes and paper bags. I was watching TV the other day and she came over and pressed the pause button –  she’s a smart cat and knows how to get attention!”  –  Pamela

Rowena was just a puppy when she wound up in a shelter. She was adopted quickly but then sadly returned a few months later after her family lost their home. She was overwhelmed in the shelter environment and therefore needed to go to rescue. She now has a new home and a new name –  Hazel! We hear she loves to hang out at the barn with her horse loving mom and enjoys shredding tissues in her spare time! “She is the sweetest girl who loves to be snuggled and will do anything for a spoonful of peanut butter. She’s smart as can be and loves to learn new things. She really makes us smile and laugh every day, we’re so lucky to have found such a great little girl!” –  Katie & Tim

Congratulations to the families who adopted these deserving animals! To find YOUR new fur-ever family member, please check out our wonderful cats and dogs available for adoption.