These adopted AARF cats are living a MEOW-VELOUS life! Read what their adopters have to say about their new homes!

Simon, now Goose, was living in a house with 75+ cats! Needless to say, he is thrilled to be in his adoptive home with just one other kitty! He and his new sibling love to romp around the house together and take naps when they are tired. “Goose is super affectionate, a purr machine, and loves to play with…anything….but his favorites are little soccer balls he chases around the apartment and toilet paper. I’m so happy he is a part of our family!”- Katie

Pinkie, now Stella, was found stray and taken to a local animal shelter. She is now an adored cat who lives with three kitty siblings and a sweet girl who tells us that driving over an hour to adopt Stella was worth it. She loves playing with her crinkle balls, balls with bells in them, and teaser toys. “We adore her! We are so grateful AARF saved Stella that day from the shelter.” — Vanessa

Kizza was born outside to a feral mama cat but was friendly and therefore adoptable. She now lives indoors with her new family, including a cat and two dogs. “She loves to chase her puff ball toys across the wood floor! She bats them, chases them, flings them everywhere. She also loves to sit behind the dogs while they are either lying down or sitting. As the dogs wag their tails, she pounces and chases the tails back and forth.” – Sean

Opal and Ruby were nine-weeks-old when they were abandoned by their family who moved. They have now been adopted and are very happy cats!  “They love to lay on our shoulders while we cook and do chores. They’re incredibly curious about everything we do, whether we’re getting dressed in the morning or chopping up vegetables for dinner – they always want to know what’s going on. Opal and Ruby have made our house a home – we love them so much!” – Maddie and Danielle

Abigail, now Ellie, joined our rescue from a local animal shelter. She loves to be around people, is a big cuddler, and has a BFF doggie sibling in her new home. “She loves to chase her tail and play as well as talk to us. She’s absolutely perfect for us. We love her very much.” – Jade

Violetta, now Squeakers, came from an abusive home. Yet this sweet Calico doesn’t let her past get in the way of her wonderful new life, where she loves to play all day as well as watch squirrels and birds through the window from her cat perch. “She doesn’t know how to meow, but she squeaks beautifully, thus her new name. I’ve never had a cat that wanted to play as much as Squeakers. I have two groupings of cat toys, which I switch every week so she doesn’t get bored. I am thrilled that she is my lovely feline.” – Cari

Are YOU ready to give a deserving cat or dog a second chance at life in a loving home? Please consider adoption! We have many wonderful animals in our rescue so check us out!