Happy happy news! These cats and dogs have been adopted and are living the good life!

Harlee and her siblings were three weeks old when they were found abandoned in a back yard. Harlee was adopted by Veronika and is now named Queen Victoria. “She is a very gentle and loving kitten,” says Veronika. Queen Victoria lives with a kitty brother named Peter the Great and has a young human brother too! We hear that everyone is very happy and is getting along wonderfully!

Poor Franny was found abandoned on the sidewalk, trapped in a carrier full of feces and urine. Franny was inside the crate with another dog and both were transported immediately to the ER for evaluation. Sadly, Franny’s friend was so malnourished and weak that she did not make it. Franny was severely emaciated and her fur was horribly matted when she came to our rescue, but now she is healthy and happy with her adoptive mom, Susan. This now spoiled pup loves to go on walks, chase squirrels, and sit on her mom’s lap. “She is very loved. I look forward to a long and happy life together, ” says Susan.

Bernie was born in Houston, Texas and was given away along with his litter mates. Lucky for Bernie, he fell into the hands of some animal lovers who took him and were determined to give him a good life. He joined our rescue and now resides in Maryland with Amanda and her family. Amanda shares that “He is absolutely thriving and has completely stolen our hearts! We love him so much and his antics continue to crack us up. We’ve been going to training and he has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and is on to the next level. He is a total ham and also an amazing snuggle partner. He has not yet met a dog, cat, or human he doesn’t like! Thanks for helping us find our fur baby!”

Tabitha was one of 33 under-aged kittens that arrived at a local animal shelter within a short period of time. A plea for rescue went out and AARF volunteers stepped up! A life of uncertainty is no longer in Tabitha’s world; she is now named Meeka and has a home to call her own. Her adoptive mom reports that “She has settled into her new home nicely! She has a furry dog brother, Loki, who is not bothered by her wild play requests.” She also thanks Meeka’s foster parents for raising a very lovely and affectionate kitten. We are so happy that Meeka was adopted and has found her forever family!

Trevor was surrendered to rescue when his owner could no longer care for him. He was a very good boy while living with foster mom, Nicole — so much so, that she decided to make him a permanent family member! Nicole tells us that “We really fell in love with Trevor while fostering him and he is simply the sweetest, gentlest boy ever.  He is the perfect gentleman and we couldn’t ask for a better dog. He makes coming home from work the best part of our day and we’re always greeted with tail wags and cuddles.” When Trevor isn’t lounging or cuddling with his family, he enjoys walks in the city and modeling festive hats! Thank you, Nicole, for being a rescue volunteer as well as adopting this sweet dog!

Boyfriend, now Omar, found himself at BARCS when he was seized from a Baltimore home, along with a bunch of other cats. He joined our rescue and didn’t let his head tilt problem keep him from finding his AARFily ever after! Laura adopted this sweet kitty and shares that “Omar is unlike any other cat we’ve met. His social disposition has made him the mayor of our house – greeting every visitor gleefully. He starts his morning by bringing his toys into the bed and delightedly meowing and purring. His favorite toy is a tie-dyed felt ribbon on a stick. He carries it with him everywhere. He loves company and the opportunity to sit in a warm inviting lap. We are so thankful to Heidi and Cindy for their support as we prepared to bring this wonderful furry ball of joy into our lives.”

We thank the people who took the leap to adopt, as well as those who have helped along the way to care for and find “the good life'” for these deserving animals! If you are looking for a new furry friend, please check out our adoptable animals!