Please join us in celebrating the adoptions of Sunday, Truman, Elvis, Elmo, Shiloh, Ben, Gabby, Tinkerbell and Fawn!

 and Truman had a rough start in life — Sunday was born in an Essex dog house to a feral mom and Truman was found covered in motor oil. AARF took them into rescue and gave them a second chance. Katie adopted them and tells us that they act like siblings and are wonderful kitties. “Sunday is more dog than cat. He plays fetch, greets everyone at the door and has no problem crawling all over us. Truman is now called Trudeau and quite the cuddler. He also has a thick black coat on top but is missing a lot of hair underneath due to his trauma previously. My favorite is when he’s sleepy and rolls over to display his white moon of a belly,” Katie shares.

Elvis was five weeks old when he joined our rescue from BCAS. Jessica is now his mom and he is named Figaro. Jessica reports “He is such a fun kitty! My daughter adores him and carts him around like her baby and he loves the attention. It took Figaro a while but he has warmed up to both our dogs. I’m so glad we adopted him! My family loves sitting in the living room watching his curiosity.”

Elmo was a stray kitten and came to our rescue from Tip Me Frederick, and Shiloh came from a hoarding situation. Not the best start but definitely a happy ending! Adopter Jennifer told us that “We absolutely adore our kitties! Elmo and Shiloh have affectionately been renamed Simon and Charlotte. Simon is a lovebug in every sense of the word. He enjoys being held by his human parents and cozying up to his furry sister. Charlotte has lots of energy and, believe it or not, plays fetch! When she realizes she’s alone in a room she will call out to Simon, who, even if he’s fast asleep, will perk up and run to her. They are true siblings despite being from different litters. We are overjoyed to have them in our family.”

Two-year-old Ben came to us from a high-kill shelter in Texas, where he stayed with us until his forever home with Alana was found. Alana calls him Benny and explained that he has settled in well but likes to chase her housemate’s cat. He is a big snuggler, likes to play with his squeaky toys and enjoys belly rubs. “He has been an amazing addition to my family,” Alana told us.

Poor little Gabby and Tinkerbell were found outside with no mama cat in sight when they were only a week old. One of our wonderful volunteers bottle fed them and gave lots of TLC until they were ready for adoption. They are now named Aly and Tuck and love their new mom, Calliope. Their favorite activities are chasing after their toy balls, play-wrestling with each other, and snuggling/sleeping with mom or each other. Aly likes to take naps on Calliope’s desk while she works and also watch yoga videos! Tuck is a very playful and brave kitten and is usually the first to try something new. “Thank you so much to AARF and the foster parents for taking such good care of these kittens!” Calliope shared.

Fawn was four months old when she was picked up from a Chestertown, Maryland shelter and joined our rescue. This pocket pittie was sweet and shy and waited over a year to find her perfect home… but it was worth the wait! Fawn is now named Piper and she is living a fun and active life in Baltimore City with Alexa. Alexa tells us “I am so happy with her! I can’t even imagine my life without her at this point. She is SO affectionate and sweet. She just loves to love and be loved. Her favorite things to do are swim and cuddle! To my surprise, the first time she saw a kiddie pool (meant for my mom’s dog) she hopped right in and didn’t get out for hours! Since then, she has been in reservoirs, lakes, kiddie pools, full size pools and will even stop in the middle of the street to play in a puddle! The more water, the better! She loves to be cuddled and snuggle up on the couch or in bed with anyone who is willing to give her a belly rub.” Now that is what doggie dreams are made of! We are so happy Fawn found her forever home!

Thank you to all the adopters who chose to give these pups and kitties a second chance! And thank you to all those who helped them along the way to their forever homes! We cannot do this without the many volunteers who give their time, love and energy. If you are interested in getting involved in rescue or looking for a new furry family member, please visit us at WOOF and MEOW!