During the AARF spotlight, we ask a different board member and lead volunteer the same five questions to learn more about them and how they became involved with rescue and AARF. Today’s spotlight is on Bart Kennedy, who helps coordinate our many adoption events!

What was your first pet? A dog named Moose. Moose was about 8 weeks old and he was my birthday present when I was about 10. He was the neighborhood dog and always had a tennis ball in his mouth. Neighborhood kids would knock on our door asking if Moose could come out to play.

What drew you to AARF? How organized AARF is. AARF casts a wide net of volunteers who each bring their own experience and capabilities. Not everyone can foster, but what each volunteer does, in their own way is so very important for the big picture. I’m appreciative of everyone’s contributions. 

What’s your favorite thing about AARF? The compassion, dedication and professionalism of each volunteer.

Where do you want to see AARF go? I’d like to see AARF expand partnership opportunities with other animal rescue organizations as well as retail sponsors. We’ve had such great support from locally owned businesses such as Bark!, Mutt Mart, Baron’s K-9 Country Store, Blue Pit BBQ, Samos, Kings Liquors, Gertrude’s at the BMA, PetValu, etc. – I know there are many more I’m leaving out. I truly do believe that it does take a village. AARF’s success is in no small part due to our dedicated volunteers and community partners and supporters.