Today’s spotlight is on Adrienne Shevchuk, our Director of Development! During the spotlight, we ask a different board member the same five questions to learn more about them and how they became involved with rescue and AARF.

What was your first pet?
First pet I can remember was an Abyssinian named Rosie. She had a sister Abyssinian named Rusty who we’d had a year prior, but Rosie was the runt of her litter and very opinionated, even for an Aby!

How did you get involved in rescue?
I decided to be a cat socializer at BARCS – I talk to myself enough as it is so I figured that if the kitties would benefit, it would be a win/win!

What drew you to AARF?
I met AARFie Betsy through our mutual dog trainers, and was instantly smitten with her little pittie foster, Maya. She had been adopted out but was returned to AARF the very weekend we started seriously looking for another dog to adopt. The rest is history!

What’s your favorite thing about AARF?
I love knowing that there is a strong and tight knit network of people out there of all different creeds who love animals and want to help them as fiercely and as passionately as I do. I’ve met so many fabulous cat ladies! ?

Where do you want to see AARF go?
I’d love to see AARF grow its army of active fosters and volunteers – the more folks in our roster the more dogs and cats we can pull and nurse back to health and happiness!