It’s ADOPTION CELEBRATION TIME! Chewy, Hans, Sweetness, Cloudy, Lee Lee, Saiorse, Laoise, Pablito and Heathcliff are enjoying their new lives! Enjoy these stories of them finding their happy endings!


2016-10-10_hanschewyadoptChewy and Hans were born in Conroe, Texas, to a stray Dachshund/Chihuahua-mixed mom. She got hit by a car and the pups ended up in the local animal shelter. Some amazing and caring volunteers there tirelessly worked to find connections in other states in hopes to find homes for them and that is how they wound up lucky AARF dogs! Tonya fell in love with the sweeties and adopted them both! “The boys are doing great and my family and I are so very happy to have them as an addition to our life. My daughter is smitten by Chewy, who is the smaller one. Whenever you can’t find him in the house, just check her bed. Jax (formerly Hans) is a ham and is the big brother and is so freaking cute! Thanks for my babies!” Tonya shared.

2016-07-12_sweetnessSweetness and her sister were found stray and taken to BARCS as kittens. Foster mom Wanda was thrilled when a former adopter decided to add another AARF kitty to her family! Sweetness, now named Ocelot, was adopted by Ilana and has a big sis named Octavia (formerly Meredith). We hear they love to chase each other through the house and wrestle, eat cat grass on the porch, and nap together. Ilana tells us “We love having both these kitties as part of our family.”

2016-07-17_cloudyadoptCloudy found his forever home while having a fun time playing at the “Kitten Bowl” at Unleashed in Olney. Dawn adopted this little cutie and named him Joey. Dawn explained that “After my 8-year-old cat passed away from severe heart disease and kidney failure, his buddy Blizzard was left without a playmate. I have two female cats as well but they do not like to play with Blizzard. I wanted a young cat to liven up my household and Joey sure does that. He loves to play with toys – he plays with all of them! He also loves chasing bugs and watching the fish.”

2016-12-05_leeleecropLee Lee was surrendered by her owners when they could no longer care for her. She was very nervous and shut down in her foster home, but with lots of TLC, she came out of her shell and was a loving dog. The perfect applicant came in for her and now she is enjoying her new family! Her adopters checked in with us and shared: “Jeff and I [Kristina] want to say thank you to AARF for bringing the joy of Delilah, formally Lee Lee, into our lives. She is the sweetest girl and best friend to Finnigan, the Chihuahua. We had a great experience with your organization and appreciate the kindness and compassion you guys show.”

2016-06-26_saiorselaoiseadoptSaiorse and Laoise were surrendered by their owner to our rescue. AARF volunteer Linda fostered them until a new home was found. Adopter Skye reports “The two are doing great and we love them so much. Saiorse (the mother) is now named Mara, and Laoise (the kitten) is now named Terra. Terra is such a love bug when she’s not being a crazy kitten. She sleeps all over us and purrs all the time. Mara is friendly and is the well behaved one and knows right from wrong.” They both also enjoy their hamster sibling and can spend hours watching her cage! Oh, what a life!

2016-06-26_heathcliffpablitoadoptPablito and two other cats were seen being thrown from a speeding van. A Good Samaritan gathered them off the street and rushed them to BARCS. Poor Pablito had a crushed pelvis but luckily a BARCS Franky Fund vet performed the surgery and fixed him up. He joined AARF, was spoiled rotten, and healed nicely. He and another AARF kitty, Heathcliff, were seen by Heather at the “Kitten Bowl” at the Unleashed store and the rest is history! Heather didn’t want either kitten being lonely so she adopted them both! Heathcliff had been a stray who wound up at BCAS. Pablito is now named Murphy and Heathcliff is named Dempsey. They have a Black Lab brother named Cody and an older kitty sibling named Samantha. “Everyone is happy!” reports Heather.

THANK YOU for reading these stories about a second chance for love and life. We are so grateful for all our rescue partners, volunteers, donors, and adopters! We will continue to work hard to help save the lives of the many homeless animals who deserve our efforts. We hope you can join us!