ADOPTED and THANKFUL for a second chance! Enjoy reading the stories of Snowball, Tilly, Mr. Weasley, Romeo, B.J, and Ginger Snap!



2016-07-02_snowballadoptSNOWBALL’s life went from bad to worse when her owner died and the crazy family members were putting her out in the BULK TRASH! Yes! Can you believe this?! Unfortunately, stories like this are not made up, but luckily a kind neighbor intervened and Snowball was saved! Helen fostered Snowball until Joyce adopted “Snowy” and made her a spoiled kitty! Joyce says “She is quite a character – very smart and loving, spoiled, clever, very vocal and cute as can be. She talks to me all the time and understands what I say to her. She opens the kitchen cabinets and doors by herself and that is her favorite place to nap. I put a pillow in the drawer and call it her condo. All in all, I just love her to death. She makes me laugh!”

2016-06-12_tillyadopt2TILLY came to us from Community Cats Maryland when she was trapped as a stray with her sister and brother. She was extremely ill and had a horrible ear infection but now is a very happy kitty living with her new family! We hear that Tilly is very loved and is super spoiled by her dad, who apparently isn’t much of a cat person. Well, she must have turned on the charm because he spoils her with lots of treats and toys, and even got her a cat tree! Tilly has two Boxer dog siblings and is having no problem being the queen of the house! You go Tilly!

2016-06-29_weasleyadoptWEASLEY arrived at the shelter with all four of his canine teeth fractured as well as a URI. He was fixed up and taken in by AARF and now is a new man-cat! His adopter Jennifer has renamed him Finn and sent us this email:

“Hi everyone! This is Finn and I’m writing to you from my fabulous fur-ever home! After months of uncertainty, I’m happy to report that I have a new mom and a castle to call my own! The food here is amazing and I can earn treats just for giving high 5s! Mom says I’m a quick learner. There are lots of great spots to nap and I even have a bed made just for me! However, I love to give and receive love, so you’re more likely to find me next to Mom! When I’m not requesting attention, or lounging on the bed, you might find me in the window, playing with my toys, or hiding in my little square house. I use water from my drinking bowls for grooming and keep my nails pristine by using my scratching posts. One day, I discovered a big bowl of water in the bathroom, but since then, Mom has kept the lid closed. Well, I think it’s time for a nap, but before I go, I must thank Connie and Michelle for helping me find such amazing digs!”

2016-06-26_romeoadoptROMEO and his brothers were born in an alley in Baltimore City. There was someone in the neighborhood that let his dog attack the cats so a neighbor called AARF volunteer, Linda, to see if she could help. Romeo is thankful to now be safe and sound and in a loving home with adopter Nancy. Nancy tells us that “He is doing great! He loves my Toy Poodle and Silky Terrier! He likes to sleep and play with them.” This alley kitty now enjoys playing INSIDE on his cat tree and even has two beds! We are so happy he now has a good life!

2016-06-29_bjadoptB.J. and his mom found themselves living outside when they were dumped by their owner. A neighbor adopted the mom and B.J. was taken in by our rescue. This sweet kitten no longer feels unwanted because he has a wonderful and caring new owner named Summer. He has a new life and new name – Franklin! Summer shares that “He loves running up and down the stairs, playing with the dogs’ tails when they wag them, and sleeping on one of our chests when he is tired. His favorite toy is one of those crinkle balls and he carries it around in his mouth from room to room. We love him so much!”

2016-06-27_gingersanpadoptGINGER SNAP was one of three orange tabby kittens that were rescued from a hoarding case in Baltimore. AARF took in several kittens as well as adult cats and were thrilled to have volunteers step up to foster them. Ginger Snap, now Johns Hopkins, was named by the adopters’ six-year-old son who has always wanted a kitten since he was a toddler. Johns Hopkins’ new BFF is very “hands on” but this kitty doesn’t seem to mind. “Johns Hopkins loves to chase toys and anything else he can get his paws on!” shares new mom Caitlin.

Not all cats are lucky to have a second chance of finding a family to love them. Rescue and shelter volunteers spend countless hours trying to find homes for the 7.6 million companion animals that enter the shelters every year. We here at AARF are thankful for those we can save and hopeful that adoption will be the choice that more and more people make in the future!