It’s time to CELEBRATE some AARF adoptions! These pups and kitties are in their forever homes and doing well thanks to the efforts of volunteers!

was found as a stray and wound up in a high-kill shelter in Texas. Some amazing and caring volunteers there tirelessly worked to find connections in other states in hopes to find homes for Jett and some other puppies. This lucky dog joined AARF and lived with foster mom Kathy until Stacy and family fell in love with him. Jett is now living the good life out in Westminster, Maryland with two human siblings, two kitty siblings, and a BFF older canine sister named Snickers. Stacy shares “He and his new big sister Snickers are best buddies. They play and run in our large backyard like crazy puppies. Snickers is 10 so I love to see her with a playmate to keep her young and active. Jett also loves to go for walks and go camping with the family. He is just a puppy but a really good boy and he listens well. He is so smart and sweet! Thanks for all you do to help these animals find fur-ever homes!”

2016-02-20_bigbabyadopt2Big Baby was surrendered to BARCS by his owner because he had a wound on his stomach and she couldn’t afford medical care. The shelter repaired the wound and then he went to foster mom Wanda for some TLC. This Himalayan/Siamese mix kitty was soon adopted by Donna and is doing great! We understand she treats him like her child and his new name is Merlin. “He spends a lot of time in his playroom chasing toys around. He is getting bigger every day,” Donna shared.

2016-01-30_tiaraadoptTiara was taken to BARCS as a stray. She was very underweight, had a URI, lots of fleas AND a femur fracture! This lucky kitty was pulled from the shelter and taken in by our rescue. She had surgery to repair her leg and is now very happy and healthy and in her adoptive home! Tiara, now Penelope (“Nellie”), “has adjusted well and is very sweet and loving,” reports her new mom, Amy. “She loves to take naps inside a sombrero on top of a blanket I’ve made her and she likes to be in whatever room I’m in.” This kitty greets her new mom at the door when she comes home and enjoys guests and visitors, too. We are so happy Amy opened up her home and gave this deserving kitty a second chance! A big THANK YOU to Tiara’s fosters, Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group for expert surgery, Kate for sponsoring the surgery and Victoria for sponsoring follow-up care! How MEOW-velous!!  — you all are truly appreciated!

2016-05-13_tangoadoptTango was found as a stray and taken to BARCS. He joined our rescue and enjoyed his time with foster mom Jan and her pack of pups until a forever home was found. Now Tango is getting lots of lovin’ from Chelsea and Nic, his new adoptive parents. Chelsea tells us “Tango loves meeting people and is very friendly to every new person that he meets. He loves to snuggle up next to us on the couch. He does not like waking up early – I have to pick him up and carry him out of bed in the morning to take him out before I leave for work. He grunts when I pick him up and then goes right back to bed when we get back in. Tango loves to play with his toys, chew on bones, and play tug of war with his rope. He is a very sweet dog. All of our friends and family love him. He is the perfect fit for us.”

Par2016-03-19_parkeradopt2ker, a young Bombay mix cat, was at a local shelter for several months without any interest from adopters. Her time was coming to an end due to too many incoming animals, so an urgent plea was sent out to local rescues. AARF volunteers acted on that plea and found her a loving home she so deserved. Parker, now named Little Girl, is doing great in her forever home! Mom, Marianne, said she is perfect and has a big brother kitty named Malachi who loves her.

2016-03-10_hadleyThis 6-month-old puppy named Hadley was another one of the fortunate puppies to be rescued from a high kill Texas shelter due to caring and dedicated volunteers. She was transported to AARF and found her forever home with Kathy. Hadley now has a canine sibling named Riley, who she loves to play with, and she also has adjusted well to sharing the couch with two cats. Kathy tells us that “She is a very affectionate, loving dog and she is dog friendly and people friendly. Her favorite things to do are eat, get treats and run with Riley, Trey, Java and Blue on Aunt Fran’s two acres. …. and for a dog with short legs, she is lightning fast! She is a delightful dog and a super addition to our family. I am fortunate to have her… she is loved for sure.”

We hope you enjoyed these adoption stories! When people choose adoption– they save a life, change a life and have a best friend for life! Are YOU ready for a new furry friend in your life? We’d love to be part of your AARFily Ever After!