During the AARF spotlight, we ask a different board member and lead volunteer the same five questions to learn more about them and how they became involved with rescue and AARF. Today’s spotlight is on Sarah Kidd, who oversees all the medical care and follow up for our rescues!

What was your first pet? My first pet was a parakeet named Tweety…then a cat named Romeo…oh and a fish..don’t remember his name : )

How did you get involved in rescue? Helping animals in need and improving their well being has always been my Achilles heel. I would do anything to help an animal in need. I wanted to do more to help animals in need and to be involved with the animal betterment/well being. I found AARF online, and inquired about volunteer positions. The rest is history!

What drew you to AARF? How it was run by all volunteers and its focus was on pulling animals in need from the shelters that probably would be passed up without our help.

What’s your favorite thing about AARF? How the members of AARF will do whatever it takes to help an animal in need. 

Where do you want to see AARF go? I would love to see AARF become a household name just as other rescues have, for people to give back to the rescue so that we can continue to help animals in need.