Come one! Come all! …and read the latest AARF adoption stories!


A2016-02-10_AuggieAdopt2UGGIE was surrendered to a local shelter because the owners’ other pets wanted nothing to do with him. They had found him as a stray and had him for two months. Auggie was fostered by Arika and her family and now this pup is living the good life in Boston. Auggie’s new mom, Karen, tells us “He’s doing great! He has brought me so much joy and we have become inseparable. He is a very silly, quirky guy with a huge personality. He prances like a show dog – his walk is hysterical. He has a permanent smile on his face and makes the funniest noises like he is trying to have a conversation with you.” We hear that everyone in Boston’s Back Bay area just adores this sweet pup and we are so excited he has found such a wonderful home!

This two-year-old Poodle mix named MOPSY was found as a stray, heavily matted and dirty, and taken to BARCS. Mopsy was not doing well in the kennel 2016-01-08_MopsyAdoptenvironment at the shelter so they reached out to our rescue to help find her a home. One short adoption later and we recently received this fantastic note from Mopsy and her adopter Sue:

“This is Mopsy writing to u to tell u how much I enjoy my forever home! I liked the lock down and it helped me get acclimated but now I am adjusting and fitting in nicely! I learned how to sit and I also use my pee pads and go outside in the fenced area with my sister n brother. I love to run around the pool patio and I am still really quick! I also like to get in the shower and bite at the water… It is great fun! When the alarm goes off in the morning I crawl over to my mom and immediately lick her face. My dad is my favorite though and he spoils me endlessly. Thinking of you and grateful that u helped me when I needed it most!”

2015-10-28_BooAdoptLucky for BOO that he was born a cat and has 9 lives, because we were told that he was seen being tossed out of a car window! The good Samaritan who saw the event took him to the shelter where they found he had no injuries. AARF volunteer, Jamie, watched him while he was on stray hold then transferred him to our wonderful foster, “Magic Wanda,” at Highland Groomery. Boo happily lived there until his forever mom Claire was found! Claire adopted Boo and tells us he has settled into his new home nicely. She shared that his name suits him and he’s got quite a personality. “He’s a little booger and we love him dearly. He’s very social and good friends with our other cat Emma,” she added.

2016-01-23_Samantha&OahuAdoptOAHU & SAMANTHA were found by animal control along with their kitty foster brother, CHRIS. They were referred to as “the rubber band kittens” because each of them had been abused by having a rubber band wrapped around them. Oahu had one around his rear leg; Samantha’s was wrapped tightly around her neck where strands of muscle were showing through the cut; and Chris had rubber bands around both ears. Oahu luckily didn’t lose his leg, and Samantha did not need surgery for her neck but will always have a scar. Sadly, Chris had to lose an ear but is happy to be moving on to a better life. All three kittens were provided amazing care by AARF Cat Rescue Coordinator (and personal angel!) Cindy.

Both Oahu and Samantha (now named Esther) were adopted by Kathryn and they are super happy! Kathryn told us that “They love each other but also chase each other all over the place too. They get into everything.”

2016-03-16_ChrisAdoptSusan adopted Chris and has renamed him Pierre. Pierre is certainly enjoying his new life. We understand he has lots of toys but his favorite is the pull tab from milk containers. Pierre’s mom shared that she has lots of nicknames for him and here is her explanation – “It is said the more important something is in your life, the more names you have for it. So Eskimos have a lot of names for snow; Americans for money (dough, bacon, moola, benjamins etc). The kitty I adopted from AARF– Pierre– has A  LOT of names. A few of them– Riki Tiki Tavi (he is fast like a mongoose), Baby Bro– since his big brother is Memphis (dog), and The Little Prince (since he is one). There are so many others. Arika (at AARF) helped find me the perfect kitty. Pierre is a family member. I cannot stress enough– if you are thinking of adopting a cat/dog– talk to the folks at AARF. They will set you up with the perfect animal companion.”

Six stories and six happy endings! We are SO EXCITED to share these with you because we believe in giving second chances and are happy to find forever homes for as many dogs and cats as we can. THANK YOU for those who choose to adopt and not shop for their companions– and THANK YOU to all the volunteers who help these animals on their journey to find a better life.