Today’s spotlight is on Jennifer Dugas Fogelman, one of AARF’s web goddesses! During the spotlight, we ask a different board member and lead volunteer the same five questions to learn more about them and how they became involved with rescue and AARF.

What was your first pet? The first one I remember is a gray tabby cat named Tigey. I guess the stripes reminded me of a tiger.

How did you get involved in rescue? I’ve always been a pet person, and for a while especially after I moved to Baltimore it seemed I was a magnet for lost cats and dogs. Since I can’t keep them all I wanted to help out in other ways.

What drew you to AARF? The first thing I remember about AARF is seeing a post about a Beagle dog named Farmer, dubbed “the saddest dog” or something like that. That haunted me – I tried to get my in-laws to look into adopting him as they had just lost their beagle, but it was too soon for them. Then there was the saga of another dog who had survived horrific conditions. I was impressed by how much AARF was willing to do to help pets like him.

What’s your favorite thing about AARF? My favorite thing about AARF is that everyone seems to work well together for the common goal, and they are all so committed to rescue. The cat people, for example, who go out and round up the feral cats, then work with them to socialize them so that they can be adopted amaze me. And the dog trainers working with the dogs with behavior issues… it’s just a relief to know there are people out there actually doing these things. There is such great need for kindness and compassion for the homeless pets of the world.

Where do you want to see AARF go? I hope AARF continues to grow and is able to expand its reach in the area in order to help even more homeless animals for years to come.