2016-01-24_AARFilyCollageAARF loves to share the happy “tails” of our dogs and cats with you!

2015-09-23_VannaAdoptVANNA was pulled from a local shelter and into our rescue with extremely matted fur and a huge mammary tumor. During the tumor removal and spay surgery, we found that she needed a complete mastectomy. It was a very painful and uncomfortable surgery with medical bills around $1400. Vanna’s foster mom, Barbara, gave her lots of TLC and helped this sweet pup get back on her feet and into a forever home. Vanna has now been adopted and is loving life as a spoiled pup with her new dad, Marc. He checked in with us and shared that “We are doing great. Vanna is awesome! She’s such a sweet girl. Everyone who meets her loves her. She got more Christmas presents from people than me. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for everything, I’m so glad AARF introduced me to Vanna.”

2015-12-11_WallyAdoptWALLY was obviously someone’s pet because he was super friendly and sweet. He was found in Cherry Hill by one of the volunteers who feeds feral cats in that neighborhood. He joined our rescue and was thrilled to be adopted by Margee and her family! Margee told us, “I have adopted cats in the past and he is by far the easiest and most adaptable I have ever experienced. We did keep his name since my son loves the movie Wall-E. He sleeps in bed with him too. My 3-year-old says “Wally is my perfect pet” and actually willingly goes to bed now! We couldn’t be happier with our new ‘perfect pet’!”

2015-11-11_Denero22DENERO was taken to the shelter by his owners who said he nipped at them. Due to this issue, he could not be adopted out directly and needed to go to a rescue. AARF stepped in and he was placed with Betsy, one of our fosters. He was a very good boy for her and was quickly ready to find his forever home. Denero and Mary found each other and the rest is history!

Mary shared, “Denero is a gem! I love him dearly, and adopting him is one of the best things I have ever done. Denero follows me around the house – snuggles under the covers with me at night – and is generally a LOVE.  I adore Denero and he seems bonded to me and he is a good companion for my Beagle, too. To show my appreciation, I’ve made a donation to AARF on their website – and plan to do this periodically. I can’t give enough praise to Betsy, a volunteer and foster mom to Denero. She gave him a WONDERFUL temporary home, she brought him out to meet me and my Beagle twice (I can’t drive anymore), and has kept in touch with frequent emails. A great person, and a credit to your organization!”

2015-11-22_FinnSawyerAdoptFINN and SAWYER were found living outside with their momma and siblings when they were five weeks old. These lucky kittens joined our rescue and found a meow-velous home together! We hear they have fit right in with the family and have two human siblings to play with, ages 9 and 12. Their new mom, Jennifer, reports that “Finn and Sawyer are doing great. Finn is more laid back and mature. He is also very loving and likes to be petted on his face and head. Sawyer is full of energy, always running around and playing with his brother. He is extremely cuddly and insists on being right on my chest, nuzzled near my face in the evenings. They both like to wrestle with each other, and often lay with their faces next to one another while taking naps.”

2015-11-22_ScooterAdoptSCOOTER’s owner could no longer keep him where she lived so he was surrendered to a local animal shelter. This Poodle/Terrier mix pup was so adorable that we had to help him find a new and loving home. Elaine and family fell in love with him and now he is living his AARFily Ever After!

“Scooter is doing great here with his new family. We love him to pieces!! I actually volunteer at our local animal shelter here in Southern York County and I know the great need of adopting shelter animals. We would never consider getting a new family pet any other way. He loves going on long walks and meeting our neighbors and their doggies. He loves waking our 10-year-old daughter up in the morning with lots of wet kisses on the face and in the ear! He loves sleeping flat on his back with his legs up in the air and that just cracks us up! He loves sleeping in bed with us, too! He definitely makes himself at home,” said Elaine.

Please consider volunteering, donating, or adopting. We count on people like you to help these deserving animals get medical care and find their forever homes!