Charlie, Hermie, Ariel, River and Bogart have been ADOPTED and have a new leash on life!

CHARLIE was surrendered to a local shelter because he was escaping from 2015-11-11_CharlieAdoptthe yard and the owner didn’t feel like dealing with the issue. The sweet seven-year-old Chihuahua joined our rescue and was brought into the loving home of foster mom Paula. Charlie no longer runs from home because he has been adopted by a wonderful lady named Pat. She tells us, “My life has changed forever since I adopted Charlie. Charlie’s foster mom was so gracious and helpful during the process and continues to be. I have two young grandchildren who adore Charlie and he takes turns sleeping with them when they visit. Charlie is a lovable, happy, active and funny little guy. He weighs 6.5 pounds and is a great watch dog!”

A Good Samaritan found HERMIE as a stray and took him to a local animal shelter. He was in very poor condition with severely matted fur and left eye 2015-11-22_HermieAdopttrauma. Our rescue was committed to helping this little guy be the best he could be. Unfortunately, his left eye couldn’t be saved and had to be removed. He also had his front leg amputated due to a severe fracture that never healed correctly. We are happy to report that he recovered amazingly well and thrived in his foster home with Jan and her doggie pack. Some time went by but it was worth the wait– he is now in his perfect forever home with Debbie and Steve!

Debbie shares,”Hermie, now Rocky Barks Balboa, is fabulous! He is very playful and follows me everywhere in the house. He loves to go for rides in the car and we have a pet stroller that he seems to really like. He has been amazingly easy and is enjoying being spoiled. He is quite the playful pup. We LOVE this little rascal.”

ARIEL was very scared and nervous at the shelter. She became an AARF pup and lived with foster mom Jackie until she was adopted by Mary and 2015-11-07_ArielAdoptArnie. They now call her Tootsie and think she is perfect! She has an 11-year-old doggie sister named Bella and they get along great. Mary told us “She is the most loving, adorable, well behaved little furball! Her foster momma trained her well! She adapted to her new big sister and us within a week. Tootsie is friendly and outgoing to new people. She loves being on a lap and snuggling on the sofa with us. It’s been a wonderful experience adopting her and we would encourage ANYONE looking for a new pet to consider adopting. We still cannot believe someone would surrender this precious little baby. It was our lucky day when she came to us!”

RIVER was a lucky stray pup that was taken to one of our rescue partners, Academy Animal Hospital. They contacted us to help find a home for him so he wouldn’t have to go to the shelter. River was a good boy for his foster 2015-12-25_RiverAdoptmom, Liz, and then soon landed in a wonderful forever home! His new mom, Lois, shared that “River (now Buddy) is doing great. He has settled in quite nicely to our household. He is a sweet dog and great with people. He is very food motivated and follows us around in the kitchen but he doesn’t beg. We have four guinea pigs and we were concerned how he would react to them, but no issues at all. We feel very blessed to have him as part of our family. He rescued us!”

One-year-old BOGART found himself at BARCS after his owner moved and couldn’t take him along.Claire, an AARF foster, took him in and helped him move on to a new and happy life with Ray and family. Bogart is now named Lucky and has settled into his home with older sister Molly (a Schnozzle). Ray shared, “Like any puppy, he is full of energy and loves to run around 2015-11-11_BogartAdopt(almost hopping/galloping) but he doesn’t realize that hardwood doesn’t stop you immediately and he sometimes “crashes” like Scooby Doo on roller skates into things. He has brought smiles and a lot of laughter to the house due to his antics and his adorable vulnerability. He does like to chew and has gotten himself in trouble by exploring the recycling bin and chewing just about anything else that hasn’t been puppy proofed or put away.”

Ray added that “Lucky loves to be a part of the family and always wants someone to pet him or give him attention and we are happy to oblige. Lucky has definitely found his forever home and has quickly become a member of our family. He is loved and cherished and a great addition to the family unit!”

These stories are only made possible by the generosity of our friends and volunteers.  Please help us continue to save more lives by volunteering with a rescue group, donating money or supplies, or adopting your own rescue pup! If we all work together, we can make a difference!