As this year comes to an end, let’s celebrate some more AARFily Ever Afters for Thomas, Angel, Mittens, Tammy, Socks and Bosley! It’s such a treat for us to hear about how well our AARFies are doing, and it’s such a great note on which to end this year!

2015-10-12_ThomasAdoptThomas was surrendered to the shelter because his owners were moving overseas. AARF foster, Alisha, told us that this senior kitty was very confused and upset for many days while in her care due to his new circumstances. He finally settled in and then found a new and loving home with Amanda! Amanda shared that “Thomas turned 14 years old shortly after I adopted him and he is definitely an old man! He loves to lounge around the house and has found a few spots to call his own, but as soon as I get home he wants to lay on my lap. He’s a very sweet cat and I’m so happy I was able to adopt him from AARF.”

2015-09-13_AngelAdopt1Two year old Angel and her four kittens were found on Linda’s front porch. We were excited when Linda contacted our rescue and decided to become a foster for the whole family! She did a great job and was thrilled when mama kitty found her purrfect home! Linda told us that Angel went for her meet and greet and she knew immediately she had found her forever home with Casseia. Angel even went running over to her new mom when she called her, which she never did for her foster mom! We are so happy that they found each other!

Mittens was one of five kittens found living behind a strip mall in Baltimore. He was very scared and covered with fleas when he joined our rescue. Pretty2015-11-08_MittensAdopt soon he was happy and healthy and off to his new home! His new mom Michelle shares that “Mittens is a cross between a monkey, a flying squirrel and a love bug. His new name is Rocky and he is a playful and confident kitten. He has lots of toys and a new cat tree to play on and makes me laugh every day. Although I adopted Rocky, truthfully, he has rescued me – my 12 year old cat (Tobey) died in September after a difficult 10-month illness. Although I miss Tobey, Rocky fills my heart with love and joy every day! He is the most affectionate kitten I have ever ‘owned.’ Rocky loves to cuddle!”

Michelle added that “I have been telling my family and friends about AARF. It truly is a heart-warming experience to adopt a fur baby. I would like to thank Mittens’ foster mom, Suzie, for raising a wonderful, loving, well-adjusted kitten. I am also grateful for her continued support.”

2015-10-23_TammyadoptTime was running out at a local shelter for this sweet three year old cat named Tammy. She was extremely fortunate that shelter volunteers gathered sponsorship to help her get placed. We responded to their super-urgent plea and the rest is history! Tammy has been adopted and now is named Penelope (aka Pipi). Her new owners gave us an update on how she is doing: “Pipi is a happy little girl and we love her! Her nickname is Daisy Duck because her meow sounds a bit like a duck quack which we love; you can’t help but smile whe she meows! She now has claimed her favorite spots in the house, including her favorite windows, the bed, and a sofa! She also likes the bathtub as long as the water isn’t running! She has a great personality and is so sweet, we couldn’t have asked for better, and she and Smokey who is our 10 year old kitty get along and play together. Thanks again for all your work, we’re so happy our Pipi was rescued! We love her!”

2015-12-02_SocksAdoptSocks was also one of the five kittens found living behind a strip mall in Baltimore. Those days of being hungry, scared and flea bitten are over as he is loving his new family! His mom Denise tells us that “We changed his name to Jax and he is doing wonderful! He is an absolute charmer and has definitely fit right in with our family and pets. I have had no issues with him, great temperament, litter trained and loveable.” These are the kind of reports we love and think are meow-velous! Thanks Denise!


Bosley and his two brothers now have a life of ease, all because a caring couple took in a very pregnant and feral mother so she could have her kittens indoors. While they were being cared for by their mother, the couple TNR’d 18 cats and pulled in seven other kittens that they handled to tame. Wanda, who runs Highland Groomery, graciously fostered all three kittens until they were ready for adoption.

Bosley was adopted by Chris and his wife and is thrilled about his new life! “Bosley, AKA Mr. Boh has been doing great with us. He was immediately happy and purring his heart out the first night we brought him home. I immediately have fallen in love with this little guy. He’s very affectionate and loves to snuggle on the couch in his blanket but also has tons of curious energy. Thank you to your organization for making it possible for my wife and I to add Mr. Boh to our home,” Chris told us.

CONGRATULATIONS to all on their adoptions.. and thank you to those who made it all possible! Remember to adopt– don’t shop! For available cats and dogs through AARF, please visit www.animalalliesrescue.org. We love being part of these stories!