ADOPTED and Living AARFily Ever After! — Daisy, CocoTundra, Frances, Cindy, Fannie and Sadie!


 Daisy was only 6 months old when she was found outside near an AARF volunteer’s home in Harford County. She was very shy but sweet when she went to her foster home with Erika. Daisy is now living a meow-velous life and was adopted by a family with three teenage children. They recently had a family cat that passed away and were finally ready to adopt. They saw Daisy online and fell in love right away. Daisy took immediately to the husband, Rob. She now has an older canine brother, with whom she is now “best friends” and new mom Candice shared that they are “so in love with Daisy and everyone is so happy.”


Coco was living outside at the Darien Road Colony in Baltimore City. The caretaker moved and the neighborhood kids were starting to be mean to the cats. The TNR group put out a blast for rescues to try and rescue the cats if possible so AARF volunteer, Helen, went to look and found sweet Coco. It was obvious that he was once someone’s pet — he was already neutered and he crawled right into Helen’s cat carrier the minute she opened it. Helen told us that “I am so grateful to AARF for deciding to take this sweet kitty! Coco was my 5th foster cat but decided I could not let him go to anyone else. We did not change his name because he comes running when I call him Coco. He has blended in well with the household of 3 dogs, 3 cats and of course 1 bird.”


Tundra arrived at a local shelter from a neglectful situation. Her matted fur was very dirty and she was malnourished. She had a red mass on the top of her head that had ruptured, and also had a small mass under her jaw. Knowing that this old gal of 10+ years didn’t have much time left, foster mom Kristi took her in and made her as comfortable as we could. She had the benign mass on her head removed and spent her time at Krisi’s home living the good life with a few other senior dogs until her forever home was found.

Tundra now is living with her new family, Tyler and Jess, who shared that “Tundra is doing absolutely fantastic! We take her for long walks multiple times a day and she continues to walk great on a leash, never straying far from us. Tundra is doing very well without her arthritis medication, and through regular exercise, her back legs have become stronger and don’t hurt her as much. We couldn’t be happier with Tundra, she is everything we have wanted and more. She makes a perfect addition to our family.”

This beautiful kitten was only 8 weeks old when she was found under a parked car at Jimmy’s Seafood Restaurant. She went into foster care with Wanda, where Dr. Seibel (one of the vets we use for our rescue animals) met Cindy and fell in love with the sweet orange kitty. We hear she is doing great and loves to play with her mousie and feather stick.

Fannie came to AARF from BARCS. Sarah and her family fostered this sweet Beagle mix pup and fell in love with her quickly. They decided that her forever home was with them! Sarah, who is a volunteer and foster for AARF, told us that “Fannie (renamed to Hazel) is doing great! She has blended into our family perfectly. She is a very laid back little girl that loves to go on walks and explore the back yard. Our dog Peanut and she have become fast friends. They love to snuggle. We are so happy that she has come into our lives and love having her as a part of our family!”


Sadie was adopted as a kitten from BARCS and then returned for litter box issues. She then joined our rescue and was fostered by Heidi. Sadie found her forever home with Sara who told us that “We are so happy to have Sadie in our home (we kept her name!). She is a really sweet cat and total delight. She’s settled in nicely and greets me at the door each day when I’m home from work. It’s really cute! We had a brief litter box issue—she was pooping outside of the box— but we figured out it was from too much litter in the box. We’ve resolved it and things are fine now. Sadie loves her felt ball, “which seems to have a mind of its own—she’s always running after it and trying to fish it from under the couch!”


We are so happy to share these wonderful adoption stories with you and appreciate you taking the time to read them. Thank you to all who have helped these wonderful cats and dogs find their forever homes and a BIG THANK YOU to those who chose adoption!