Daisy, Sebastian, Zorro, Travis and Samantha— where are they now?? Read on for this fantastic alumni update!

2015-07-25_Daisy22DAISY: “Daisy is the sweetest kitty we have ever met! She sleeps in either of our beds every night, and loves to play outside! Daisy is a very loyal companion and follows us around everywhere. She sometimes reminds us of a dog in the way she is such a close companion; when we call her in from outside, (she’s allowed to play outside when we can watch her), she comes at the first call. She purrs tons, and loves to be held like a baby! I think we would describe Daisy as a snuggly, purring ball of love! Our love for Daisy has grown and grown since we adopted her in December. We think ourselves the luckiest people in the world to have her. She is an amazing addition to our lives, and our family wouldn’t be the same without her!” –The Davis’

Sebastian (now Lou): “He’s doing really well. He’s also known as the “Black Squ2015-07-15_Sebastian22irrel” and the “Toe Ninja”. He has a sister that he loves to “hunt” and she is pretty patient with him. She’s 8 years old and teaching him how to cat. He’s getting more and more used to being a chilled out guy every day. He loves climbing his cat trees and watching birds in the window. His favorite toy is a huge stuffed snake that he wrestles. He loves people and is excited to meet anyone new that comes over.” — Kelly

2015-07-15_Zorro22Zorro (now Leo): “Zorro now goes by the name of Leo and I love every second of being his new mom. He’s quite the energetic little pup, very lovable, super friendly (and a neighborhood favorite. He’s also really smart — I’ll use a new word and he’ll know what that word means the next day. I even trained him to give out kisses! He’s the best dog to cheer you up when you’ve had a “ruff” day. His aunts (my roommates) adore him too. Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that when I went on vacation last month, he stayed at Pooches and Purrs, the doggie daycare center that took him in when he was first found. They’re all wonderful dog sitters! It was love at first sight when I saw him last year at BARCStoberfest. I’m really grateful to AARF for bringing this wonderful dog into my life — thank you so much for everything that you do!”– Amanda

Travis (now Roland): “He is doing great! He is, for us, basically the perfect cat – he’s incredibly outgoing, 2015-07-15_Travis22super affectionate, and an utter goofball. He sleeps with us every night and if we try to sleep past food-time he will lick us on any part of exposed skin until we get up. If he sees one of us laying down, he can’t resist the urge to come plop half of his body on top of us and leave the other half on the floor. The best thing about him that we have discovered is he loves playing hide and seek with us! It is so cute.”

“I remain supremely confident in my decision to adopt an adult cat rather than a kitten. I knew he was “the one” from the first time I met him, and nothing has changed! Thanks for all you do! We are talking about possibly getting him a friend since he is so social and playful, so if/when we decide to adopt again I will definitely be in touch!” –Kiersten

Samantha (now Gracie)
: “Gracie is wonderful! We just adore her. Gracie and Dudley (our nine year old Westie) just love playing and chasing in the back yard together. She also has a favorite toy: “the pig”, that she is obsessed with, and tears down the hallway after. We are now on the fifth pig! Gracie loves her walks along with Dudley, and listens very well.”2015-08-31_Samantha24

“Rescuing a dog is so rewarding in so many ways. Of course, they give you so much joy and love in return. In Gracie’s case, she was approximately a year old, already house trained, leash trained, adapted well with other dogs and people, etc, whether from her past home, or from her amazing foster home. No matter what breed or mix you may favor, they’re all out there waiting for a second chance at a good home. Why spend thousands on a purebred puppy, when you can rescue a great dog (or puppy) that’s a lot of times already trained?”

“We are so incredibly happy with Gracie. She was exactly the perfect dog for us and Dudley. We feel very fortunate to have found her, and I thank AARF and all of your wonderful volunteers for bringing us together. Thank you for everything that your organization does.”– Sincerely, Jill