Happy AARFily Ever After to some lucky dogs and cats! You are sure to have a smile on your face after you read their happy tails! Enjoy!

2015-07-26_ArmandAdoptARMAND- This adorable Lhasa-type mix pup was found as a stray wandering in an alley near a local police station. Children were apparently throwing rocks at him so he was overly nervous and scared when taken to BARCS. He joined AARF and soon found his forever family! Armand is now named Diesel. He has a human brother named Cole who has always wished for a dog to call his own. We hear that Cole is an excellent caregiver and will be taking Diesel to obedience classes.

WINNIE- Winnie and her litter-mates were found in a basement window well and were onlyWinnie
about a week old when found. The kittens’ mom, Peggy Sue, was also found and they were all one big happy family living with their foster dad, Bart. These lucky kittens, one by one, found their forever homes. Russell adopted Winnie and told us that “Winnie is doing great; she is well behaved and seems to love everyone. We have a screened in porch and a pet door; she loves to hang out in it and watch the birds and squirrels. We just love her so much!”

MUFFIN- Muffin was a stray that was taken to BARCS. The shelter was unaware that she was
pregnant and she was placed in a foster home. Unfortunately all her kittens died when she delivered them. 2015-08-25_MuffinAdoptShe had an overgrooming issue which was getting worse, so they transferred her to another foster home which was much quieter and her medication was changed. Muffin is now doing great in her fur-ever home with Miranda and her husband. Miranda tells us that Muffin is a very sweet cat who is super cuddly and loves to sleep next to her. “She loves playing with her toy mice and feather wand. She is just so loving and sweet; my husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better cat.”

2015-09-09_StretchAdoptSTRETCH- This sweet dog was found running loose in the streets near a park. The finder followed the dog to a house and knocked on the door to notify them that the dog was loose. The owner didn’t seem to care and asked if she wanted the dog. Stretch joined AARF and found a loving home where his owners love him and care about his well being. Adopter Hanwel told us that “We renamed him Otis and he is doing great! My husband and I are loving him right now and he is a great addition to the family. We’re right next to Canton Waterfront Park so he gets daily walks there and is learning to socialize with other dogs. He is a total sweetheart and has a bit of a goofy personality. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!”

2015-09-09_VirtueAdoptVIRTUE- Luckily for Virtue, a concerned person brought her to a local shelter to remove her from an abusive situation. Her leg had been broken intentionally, but her spirit was strong. She was taken into our rescue and her leg was repaired. She was given lots of TLC in her foster home with Tracy until she was able to be adopted. Her new name is Athena and she has a great life in a loving and safe home! Her new mom, Allison, shared that “She is such a good girl! She comes to greet me every day when I come home from work.”

LILY-  Lily and her five siblings were amazingly fortunate to be found alive and healthy in a basement window well, several days after their mother was found. They all found wonderful homes. Lily is in her new home and was part of her 11 year old human sister’s “Harry Potter” birthday. Adopter Lisa told us that her daughter “turned 11 and got her Hogwarts letter along 2015-09-06_LilyAdoptwith books and supplies and a robe. The last thing in her trunk of goodies was a letter stating that her companion animal was waiting for her at a local shelter. We went online and found AARF volunteer Bart and his miracle litter of kittens. He visited with some of them and Lily stole our hearts. Her name, and the fact that she has striking eyes, made it even more appropriate that she become my daughter’s Hogwarts companion animal. It feels like she has always been part of our family.”

THANK YOU to everyone who made these adoptions possible! To find YOUR new best friend, please visit www.animalalliesrescue.org to search our available cats and dogs.