We thought it might be fun for our AARF friends and fans to get to know more about our board members and lead volunteers. We’ll be asking them the same questions to learn more about them and how they became involved. Today’s spotlight is on AARF Cat Rescue Coordinator Cindy Wright!

What was your first pet? Pixie was my first baby when I was 5. He was a Siamese kitty with a kink in his tail. My mom would take abused and neglected kitties from rough neighborhoods in the Miami area and get them re-homed. Pixie was one of those rescues, too.

How did you get involved in rescue? First, it’s a bit genetic because of my mom. Second, I was visiting BARCS with my daughter almost six years ago and one of the kennel staff mentioned that they desperately needed volunteers. Third, about a year into my volunteering there, I stumbled onto 70% burned MIttens and her kittens huddled in Critter Care at BARCS. When Dr. Seibel told me that Mittens had been intentionally burned, I immediately recognized my mission: to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

What drew you to AARF? Who could say “no” to Arika Pevenstein? Plus, it was an opportunity to focus on helping cats and dogs in desperate need from BARCS as well as BCAS and other animal control shelters. I wanted to provide long-term foster and intense care for the most difficult of abuse and neglect cases.

What’s your favorite thing about AARF? Two things actually! I get great satisfaction from rehabbing kitties who have been abused and discarded and then connecting them with loving adopters. Plus, I love spending time with like-minded people who have such compassionate hearts.

Where do you want to see AARF go? I’d like to expand our reach in the area of humane education. The best way to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves is to help stop animal abuse before it starts.