Meet Trooper, the three year old mini poodle/Shi tzu mix. He’s new to AARF, and comes to us under more upsetting circumstances than most. Trooper was seized from his previous owner by Animal Control, with an injury to his front leg that occurred weeks or months ago, according to our vet, and which was never addressed.

Since the timing of his injury, he has been painfully dragging his injured limb around. Due to the lack of medical care, it was determined that his entire front leg would have to be amputated.

Our hearts went out to this sweet pup, and the pain he had been dealing with for who knows how long. Through it all – from his intake at BARCS, to his recovery at AARF’s partner vet – Trooper has been just that, a trooper! He is a sweet, quiet boy, who will melt into anyone’s lap for soft, kind words, and gentle pets. He will be recovering the next couple weeks under the watchful eye of one of our excellent medical fosters, after which time he will be available for adoption.


We couldn’t rescue cases like Trooper without your donations! Please give to Mittens’ Miracle Fund to help us cover the cost of Trooper’s amputation surgery, so that we will be ready and able to pull the next neglected or abuse animal that comes to our attention.

Update – April 22, 2017

Trooper After Surgery video

We couldn’t be more thrilled with how well Trooper has recovered from his front leg amputation. His love for his people has only gotten bigger, and he tries to spend as much time as possible in his foster parents’ laps for snuggles, treats, and belly rubs. In return he’s happy to give you as many gentle kisses as you can handle!

He’s a huge fan of foster sister Candie – the two of them play chase and puppy hide’n’seek all over the house and back yard! He also loves toys, particularly ones with stuffing that he can pull out and spread all over a room!



Trooper is healed and will be ready for adoption any day now, but AARF still needs help recouping the costs of his surgery and care, so that we’re ready for the next case that comes to us. Please consider supporting through Mittens’ Miracle Fund so that we can have more happy success stories, like Trooper!

Update – August 31, 2017

Trooper has found his forever home and has become quite popular in his new neighborhood.  His dad says “You should see Trooper, he’s Fells Point’s number 1 heartthrob!  No joke, the staff members at the various establishments (bars) along the waterfront recognize him and take time to come out to see how he’s doing.  He’s like a Fell’s Point celebrity!”

Please consider donating to the Mittens Miracle Fund and help other pets like Trooper find their AARFily Ever After!














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