Enter to Name a Kitten from “The Raffle Litter”!

Kitten Season is in full swing – and that means the constant need to name adorable adoptable kittens! For only a $5 donation, you can enter to win a chance to name one of the five kittens from our newly minted Raffle Litter – five kittens equal five winners, each who will get to choose a meowy moniker. Winning names will be shared on Facebook and Instagram!
Last year, AARF accepted over 240 kittens during kitten season. That’s not only a lot of kittens to name, but a lot of costs to cover. Newborn bottle babies require round-the-clock feeding and care from our dedicated fosters before they transition to slurry and then solid food – all costs that add up in the 1-3 months that they are with us, not counting standard vaccinations, spay/neuter, and microchipping. Plus, many of these fragile kittens require emergency care in their time with AARF – racking up hundreds or even thousands of dollars in costs. Donation drives and fundraisers, like this one, are some of many ways that help cover mounting fees for our tiny felines.
  • This Raffle is to enter to win a chance to name a kitten from our Raffle Litter – not to win a kitten! Raffle winners do not receive rights to adopt a kitten. If you’re interested in adopting a kitten this season, please fill out an application.
  • The raffle will close on Monday, May 16th. Winners will be announced on the 17th, and contacted via email with a picture of the kitten that they will be able to name, with a couple of cute personality facts about that kitten.
  • Winners will need to submit their name options by May 20th via email.
  • Winners will be asked to provide a first choice and second choice name. The first choice name will be used unless AARF currently has a kitten with the name in our care, or it is on our short list of “retired” names. Names may not include derogatory terms or curse words and are subject to final approval by the AARF team.
  • Pictures of the kittens along with their winning names will be shared on Facebook and Instagram!
Each entry is a $5 donation to AARF. Only adults 18+ can win prizes.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The raffle is now closed.