AARF’s Virtual Bake Sale Raffle!

Help AARF raise funds while satisfying some serious cravings! Items for each day will be open for raffle entries until 8pm the same day. Winners for each item will be announced the following day on our event page, and then will be connected with their Baker no later than Monday, August 16.
How will the AARF Virtual Bake Sale Raffle work? 
  • Each day, we’ll post a selection of homemade treats. You can enter to win any (and as many) of these items as you like by completing and donating via the daily raffle form that will be posted each morning on the event page.
  • Each entry is only a $5 donation to AARF. Each $5 donation is a single entry to a single item. (Example: If you want to enter the raffles for a cheesecake, brownies, and fudge, you could buy a $5 entry for each for a total of $15. If you want to increase your chances for an item, you could purchase 3 entries for that single item, for a donation of $15). 
  • Winners for each item will be announced the day after the raffle closes. The Baker and the Winner will be connected to coordinate a mutually convenient date for a freshly baked item.

If I win, how will I get my goods?

  • AARF will individually connect each Baker and Winner via email no later than Monday, August 16.
  • Baker and Winner will together coordinate a convenient date to freshly make the item, and arrange pickup. **Please note that Items are not available for pickup immediately after the raffle!**
  • In each description, we have provided the location of the Baker for your convenience; it is possible some Bakers will meet you at a mutually convenient location at their discretion.
Thank you for supporting AARF, and please reach out to [email protected] with any questions!

Today’s raffle is now closed!

Enter tomorrow’s raffle here.